The Harbour Gallery Christmas exhibition

Large paintings in white frames

small acrylics in driftwood frames

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I am exploring ways to transform traditional Jersey monuments, relics and features into modern day icons so that they can reappear today as part of contemporary living. My artwork is a process incorporating photography, painting, software and collage to make the image I want. This has resulted in more than 50 images that are part of my 'Jersey Icon' series.

'Jersey Icon Series' prints....

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Jools Holt

These acrylic paintings evolved from a closer look at the surrounding areas where Jersey icons stand. The flora and grassland at the foot of a tower or rock formation below a lighthouse,  winding paths near castles and forts, sweeping sands and dunes, wetlands and marshland - in these places I found my 'Views from the Shore' series.


'Views from the Shore' paintings