Jersey Cow

The first image in the Jersey Icon series

About Jools...... ​and the Jersey Icon Series

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I keep returning to this tower.

Jools Holt


I attended art college at the North East Wales Institute aka Glyndwr University during the punk era.. . a memorable time because of the music, clothes, attitude and images. I use the term Artography to describe how I use photography and mixed media to create. After a few years living in the wilds of St Ouen, an inspirational place to live and work, I am now living  near Hougue Bie and loving the change of scenery. 

I am exploring ways to transform traditional Jersey monuments, relics and features into modern day icons so that they can reappear today as part of contemporary living. My artwork is a process incorporating photography, painting, software and collage to make the image I want. This has resulted in more than fifty images that are part of my 'Jersey Icon series'.  

My pictures can be seen at:

The Harbour Gallery, St Aubin​

De Gruchy's, King Street, St Helier
The Vic in the Valley Restaurant, St Peter
le Braye Bistro, St Ouen
Waterstones' Book Store​
Jersey Heritage events
Route du Fort Surgery, ​Lido Medical Centre
Little Grove Clinic, St Lawrence​​

Coopers Coffee Shop St Helier

...and online at :