Studies for Jersey Cow             acrylics

La Rocco Tower      private collection


Still Life with JEP                      acrylics

Hougue Bie   ink drawing

Jersey Cow       charcoal, chalk, acrylics

Vivid Tower, Venice


Private collection

Ouaisne to St Brelade    


These acrylic paintings evolved from a closer look at the surrounding areas where Jersey icons stand. The flora and grassland at the foot of a tower or rock formation below a lighthouse,  winding paths near castles and forts, sweeping sands and dunes, wetlands and marshland, these are vulnerable places some are disappearing -here I found my 'Views from the Shore' series -  most of these are 7" x 5" framed in driftwood and sustainable wood frames.

St Ouen Sands                          acrylics

Kilimanjaro          private collection



Archirondel Tower      private collection


After Mark Rothco         colour field painting No. 1

Detail of Still Life with JEP      acrylics

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Mont Orgueil Castle 1     acrylics     private collection

Seymour Tower          Dolan collection


The Boat Hut Rozel      private collection


The Bay